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Safari Activity Park
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Corporate Challenge Course (C3)

A ropes course is more than an outdoor learning venue. It is an opportunity for individuals and groups to expand their horizons and learn something about them-selves. Ropes challenge courses provide the means for adventure-based activities which, when combined with Experiential Education, provide life-changing experiences and create stronger individuals and teams.

Our philosophy

We believe that learning through fun but challenging experiences (experiential education) is a powerful and effective way to accomplish team building and leadership development.

Low Ropes

The games and low ropes are designed to foster team development through problem solving, imagination, and thinking out of the box. During the course there may be trying and challenging times, but the group maintains responsibility towards all of its members in completing each task. All events are conducted outdoors, but everyone can participate as none of the events are too physically demanding.

High Ropes

High ropes are considered a shared group experience with emphasis on individual accomplishment. Groups choosing the high ropes are provided professional supervision at all times.

"Your Self-Confidence Will Rise
Dramatically, Absolutely...
Your Credo Will Now Be,
'I Can Do It!' "