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Safari Activity Park
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Safari Activity Park a destination to explore

SAFARI Activity Park (SAP) is a beautiful fun n learning center where one can enjoy various Low and High Rope Activities, Team Games & Adventure activities in safe and controlled environment.

Safari Programs are full of Learning, Sharing, Growing and having Fun together. Special interest camps are also developed to meet the unique needs of Nature Lover people from a broad cross-section of the community.

In Safari activity park one can enjoys various adventure activities in a day camp or stay during the nights, Enjoys the Campfire, navigate the path through stars and gaze the beautiful planets through Telescope.

Here you can transform your day into a memorable trip.

If you are thinking ahead of Picnic then SAP is the right choice for you…

Safari Activity park provides many options for Families, Schools, Youth and Corporate.

SAP Nature

SAP has many species of fruits, flowering plants, shrubs & trees.

All young people… by mind not by age can enjoy the activities of Outdoor Adventures.

SAP Activities

There are Many Variety of Activities lined up at SAP, whether you are looking for hard Adventures or Soft Adventures or just want to lay down on Hammock and look at your kids playing around, or want to Develop the coordination and team Spirit or have the time to explore your capabilities.SAP has many activities..

SAP Camps

SAP offers variety of Nature and Adventure programs for all walks of life. If you are wishing for a day in nature’s lap, Want hand on experience on soft adventures, enjoy the group games, get ready to have commando instinct.- You are Welcomed at SAP

    School Programs
  • Adventure day camp (4 hrs, 6 hrs.)
  • Leadership n Learning Program ( 2 D, 1 N)
  • CBC (Confidence Building Camp) ( 3D, 2N)
  • Jungle party
  • Mud Camps
  • Get together, Farewells etc.

    Family Programs
  • Family Fun day
  • Social groups camps
  • Family camping
  • Parenting workshop
  • Kiti parties / Birthday theme programs

    Youth/College Programs
  • Adventures Outings
  • Fresher Programs - To Know each other
  • Leadership development workshop
  • Campus to corporate Workshop
  • Eco- friendly camps
  • Mud camps
  • Team Building workshops

    Corporate Programs
  • Corporate Adventure outings
  • Corporate Challenge Course
  • Weekend Camping
  • Outdoor conference
  • Fire Walking- Breaking the Barriers
  • Team Building And leadership workshops

SAP Facilities

  • We have Full fledge kitchen to serve Indian, Continental and Chinese Cuisine Enjoy the Power of Vegetarian Food prepared in highline conditions. You can treat It as your own Kitchen.
    Drinking water
  • Water will be at nature’s best. We use Filtered Water.
  • Having sufficient toilets for camping Purpose.

SAP Equipments & Instructors

    Our Equipments
  • We use all quality and certified equipments to ensure your upmost safety.
  • SAP has Qualified Mountaineers and Instructors to give you a wonderful experience of Adventures in Safe and Comfort Environment.